Bugs on the dashboard and Studio


  1. The bot dashboard shows an incorrect “last edit” date, it’s the same as the creation, somebody forgot to update the variable.

  2. [FIXED] If a variable is created as an array and then changed to another type (no matter which and how many times), its default value is gonna be an empty array []. I have to delete the variable and create it again.

  3. [FIXED] In the new variable panel, the type should go back to default option (String) after having created a variable, since the new variable rarely has the same type as the previous one.

  4. If I drag a card out of a node (no matter the type), it doesn’t create another node, which is what happens if I create a new card by dragging

  5. When I press CTRL + S to save a custom code, a blank line is added to the end of the code.

  6. [FIXED] If I answer 0 to a prompt for a number variable (which is allowed in my use case), the variable will become an object with a “value” property set to 0. In the example below the capture type is Number and the variable number, but the same happens with Quantity-number and Price-number.

Hey @devguilherm ! Sabrina again :upside_down_face:

Thank you so much for taking the time to report those bugs! I’m forwarding those to the Product team.


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Just a quick update here @devguilherm , issue #2 has been fixed and is in prod!

And issue 3 too

When I press CTRL + S to save a custom code, a blank line is added to the end of the code.

It is the autoformatting we are using :man_shrugging:, but I will add it as an enhancement

I have submitted the rest of the bugs/enhancements … thanks for your continuous feedback :slight_smile:

For the last one, can you double-check because I can’t replicate it?

The team is pushing fixes continuously, so it might have been fixed.

Hey @sabrina thanks for letting me know!

However I think this fix introduced another bug as a result - now whenever i push a value to an array, the value is added to the default value of the parameter, and is always initialized with it

This only happens if i push a value like this, but not if i set the array value directly with =
New values are added every time the code runs!

Alright, that’s great!


My pleasure to help!

It’s not happening anymore so probably fixed! Thanks!

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Thanks @devguilherm ! The product team will check it out. :raised_hands:

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