Bugs/Issues in Studio

:thinking: Not sure if this is the appropriate channel for reporting this, but here it goes:


  • Generating code and conditions using labels only works when you first create the card. Even if I press enter on existing labels, the new code/condition is not generated. To solve this issue, I need to delete the card and create it again.

  • Some Capture Information cards are created with “Extract from History” set up to 1 automatically. This leads to unexpected behavior as it’s not always I want to extract from history, and it requires me to go and change it everytime.

  • The Capture Info card for confirmation comes with two options as default - Accept/Decline. But if I change the labels, the new values don’t show up in the Flow editor. To get the new labels I need to remove and readd the transitions.

Execute Code cards

  • I get an highlight error in the code saying that the variables I just created do not exist, even though they do. This stops after I reload the page.

  • While Typescript autocompletion and interface creation are supported, Typescript itself is not actually accepted. I get compilation error in the logs (identifier unexpected, : unexpected). Therefore, I need to comment out all type definitions before running the code.

  • Sometimes I don’t get code highlighting/TS intellisense after creating or editing a Code card, it looks like a plain gray txt file.

I am open to elaborate if needed. Cheers! :wink:

I just tried it and it is working, are you sure that the AI button is active?

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Understood. This is an issue, I found only “Confirmation” to be 0, the rest are 1. Correct?

Yes, I confirm it is an issue, I found another workaround too, by clicking on the transition:

I will report that

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Can you add a screenshot? I can’t replicate it

Sorry I didn’t understand that, can you add a screenshot?

  • Sometimes I don’t get code highlighting/TS intellisense after creating or editing a Code card, it looks like a plain gray txt file.

I am sorry, I can’t replicate this one too

That was the issue! I misread the button label haha. Thanks

Almost. Confirmation and RawInput have the default 0.

I haven’t found the pattern of when these issues happen, but if I do I will update this topic!

Here you can see the code, and the error that is thrown when it’s executed.

If I comment the interface and type variable as any, I get another compilation error (Missing initializer in const declaration).

The errors make sense considering it’s a JavaScript file (inlineXXX.js) but since the code editor accepts TypeScript, types should work too.

I guess what’s happening is that the TS code is not actually being transpiled to JavaScript

Hey @devguilherm ,

So I am adding the Capture Information as an improvement and the last one (about the execute code) as a feature request since it accepts JS for now.

Thanks! And please keep the feedback coming :muscle: :rocket: :metal: