Bug in the "saving function" in Cloud Studio

It seems like nothing is being saved when you write text in many of the fields.

This applies to the “Description / Personality” field in the General section, “Task Instructions” in AI Task and the “Description” field in the Knowledge base section.

Anyone else is having the same problem?

Hey @frederic.3.laurin ,

Would you mind sharing screenshots of what you are referring to?

If we take the Description / Personality, for example, make sure to click on Enable Personality Rewrite (see the screenshot below). Otherwise, your description won’t be applied to your bot. This should solve this issue at least!

Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 4.15.55 PM

Hi @frederic.3.laurin ,

Can you double-check if this is still happening for you?
Try also to type something and click in the window or beside the text area. If it is saved and covers your concern or not.

I will wait for your feedback, then based on it will take the next action.

It is all good now, thanks guys!



You are most welcome :slight_smile: