Botpress Webchat Session Setup Questions

I’m using a bot press linked to a web page on webchat, but after 5 minutes without doing anything, the session ends, what should I do to change the duration of this session?

Hi, you can set useSessionStorage = true in your configurable script.
For more information: Overview | Botpress Documentation

            host: "url",
            botId: "front-demo",
            showTimestamp: true,
            enableConversationDeletion: true,
            useSessionStorage: true,

I’m using it as follows, but if I don’t enter it for a certain period of time even if I set the configuration, is there a solution to go back to the first flow and proceed again?

Hey @dudco3488 !

Changing the timeout value is not possible yet but it’s a feature request that’s currently in the pipeline.
I’m not certain I understand what you would like to do in the second part of your message. You would like the flow to start over from the beginning? Is that correct?