Botpress Rocks + Ideas for Webchat Controls

First of all, I just signed up today and already have a demo bot built and up on a demo page…super excited about what you guys have built and are building and can’t wait to contribute to this community more.

I run a benefit company and the community benefit aspect of your company also attracted me to collaborate with you guys.

Ides for Webchat if not already part of the product:

  • It would be great to get the little animation of the bot thinking to pop up immediately once a question is sent in by a user (at least for me there is a delay making me wonder if the question was received and if it will be responded to)…maybe this is configurable timing setting

  • It would be great to be able to program a pop-out question for website visitor and maybe a different question for repeat visitors…this could possibly even be a programable ai response relating it back to their past conversation.

  • Maybe its already in there but the ability to control if the return visitors can see the last chat and pick up where they left off.

Thanks again and nice work to the entire team!!!


We understand the delay, I will report that.

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This is a new feature that we are working on, stay tuned!

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Currently, if you embed the chatbot in your website, they will always be able to see their past conversations, unless you sat this property useSessionStorage to true

But I got a good idea from your message, I will submit an idea to the team to have a flag, that this is a returning user or it is the first time to talk to the bot. Thanks for the suggestion!!

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Thanks for the reply’s…another UI thing I noticed on the webchat is that I need to push the send message button twice in order to get the message to send on mobile. Send button 2X demo

Hi @MyRDT ,

Yes, the issue is confirmed, and we have submitted it to the team. Thanks for sharing it :rocket:

Hi @MyRDT ,

Can you check this issue again?