BotPress Open Source is 100% free?

On the botpress website it says it’s free, but after looking around I saw that it’s free up to 1000 messages per month.
The question is whether this amount is paid when using the botPress cloud or whether you have to pay regardless of whether the bot is in the BotPress cloud or on its own server?
And that I have a college project and I don’t want to run the risk of having to pay something for this chatbot to work.
(It will be hosted on the campus server)
Help me, I need to make sure this is 100% free or not…

Hi @Alan-M ,

Botpress v12 is free 100% and on-prem. But you get no support other than the community.
v12 community: Discussions · botpress/botpress · GitHub
v12 documentation:
v12 source: download link, first think in the above link

Botpress on cloud is, as you mentioned, it is free for the first 1000 incoming messages, and it is renewed every month. and that is for published bots. After that you pay-as-you-go.