Botpress Go - now what?

I’m just exploring Botpress and from the main studio window, the first thing I did was to use the “BotPress Go” and pointed it to my site. It appears to have finished - but now what? I don’t see any indication that it has loaded the site, or that I can use it in my bot design.
Can someone please advise?
Many thanks!

I think I see what’s happening - the Botpress GO can handle scanning a small number of pages, but our site is an e-commerce site and contains over 50,000 products and I think that the Botpress GO just got overwhelmed because it never returned any info, just kept the spinner going for hours until it just stopped.
We tried it on a small site and saw that it loaded the text as a starting point.
So I would suggest as a mod, have the Botpress GO be limited to scanning 100 pages of a site and then take whatever it has at that point and display the results.

Hi @mfindlay

You are right; Botpress Go builds facts from websites you can manage. The issue with 50k products is that you won’t be able to ensure all the facts are correct and always up to date. A better solution might be to answer using a search.

Would you mind looking at Max, Botpress’ after-hours bot and see if it would work for you? If you want to create a chatbot similar to the one we have on our website, please know we’ll have something for you, hopefully in the upcoming weeks. :grinning:

Thank you Sabrina,
I’m totally new to the bot/programming scene - would you mind pointing me to the location of the Max bot you mentioned in your reply?

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Hi @mfindlay

No problem at all! You can find Max on (bottom right corner). Please look for the little chat icon below.

Hope this helps :raised_hands:
Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 10.35.41 AM

I see - the problem was that the Max is not appearing on my Windows desktop Firefox browser, but it does appear on Chrome. (might want to have your web developers look at that :slight_smile:

Side question: Does Botpress offer a service (paid or otherwise?) that allows us to upload an excel spreadsheet with a column containing prospective questions and another containing the answer or hyperlink to apply, so that we can prepare the spreadsheet in advance with bulk questions and responses and have them imported into our bot?

Thanks for your help!

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Actually the Botpress Go never returned from the load of our site ( - it just clocked for about 30 minutes and then just stopped without showing any results. Perhaps there is a page limit on Botpress Go?

Thanks, @mfindlay, for the heads-up regarding the Firefox browser. The team is now aware of it. Someone will look into it! :slight_smile:

Regarding your second point, comprehensive knowledge ingestion is on the roadmap. However, I’m unsure when this feature will be available to the public. Stay tuned :rocket:

What kind of questions would you like your bot to answer? Could you please give us some examples (or URL)?

The website is called BabyCity and is at
It is a website all things baby and contains both products, and personal stories of baby upbringing.
The product section is in the “marketplace” header area while the homepage and the remainder of the header items related to “guides” that both manufacturers and individuals upload to the site that have pictures and describe a product usage. The individual uploads also contain personal stories of raising babies so there is a wide range of text content: from product information to personal stories.
In an ideal world, we would point Botpress Go to our website and then after scanning, the bot would be able to answer completely random questions such as:

Tell me the closest indoor playground for my 4 years old around Rowland Heights, CA?
What should I do if my 6 years old is vomiting continuously?
Give me few purée recipes for my baby

As well as more traditional search questions such as
• What are the baby products available.
• Can you show me all your baby products.
• I need baby products.
• What are the best baby products for young babies?
• What baby products do you have?

Look forward to any insight you can offer!

Hi @mfindlay,

Thanks for providing us with a bit more context around your use case.

We looked at your website, and since the articles, and products come from various websites, we won’t be able to read the information properly and create a bot without a custom implementation.

We are working on a feature that will allow Botpress to extract information from a sheet and have it ready when the chatbot needs it to reply to people. Stay tuned! :rocket:

Sorry for any confusion regarding the content, but all of the visible text content comes from the BabyCity site directly. I would be happy to help clarify any confusion regarding the various websites you mentioned in your message.
At any rate, we look forward to the future feature of the sheet extraction :slight_smile:


You’re right, I just had a look at your website. You have tons of content. It doesn’t seem like managing a list of facts is going to work for you, but we are working on having a chatbot generate answers on the fly from content such as, which could do the trick. Stay tuned!

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