Botpress answering to mentions in a Group Chat


I’m staring to use botpress to deploy a bot in RocketChat.
All is working correctly in 1:1 (Direct Message) chat with the bot.
I would like to know if there is any chance that the bot can answer to mentions ( @botname ) in a Group Chat (Channel / Team room) and how?
One more challenge that I’m still facing is that I can’t get the Channel ID where the bot is interacting in RocketChat.

Thank you for your time!
Great platform, continue the great work!

Hi @cenasdanet ,

Is that on v12 or the cloud?

Hi @bassam.tantawi , the Botpress is on v12 on-prem.

Thank you.

Hi @cenasdanet ,

Please note that this forum supports Botpress cloud users.

Our v12 team will be happy to help you on this community forum. :grinning:

I’m sorry!

Thank you

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No worries at all :handshake: @cenasdanet