Bot starting message


I’m very much a newbie to BotPress but make slow but sure progress over the last two days…

I am trying to add the message that someone uses to start the bot into a variable ‘NewChatRef’

I’m thinking this should be pretty straightforward but can’t see where to get that from.

Any pointers would be appreciated :sunglasses:


Hi @MaxBot3000 ,

Nice picture :smiley: I like it. Regarding your question, what I understood is that you want to store the value the user entered into a variable. This can be achieved by using the “Capture Information” card:

Then you can use the variable like this:

You can take a look on our documentation for more info:

Hey @bassam.tantawi
Thanks for response.
Im not sure this is the solution.
I have added a capture info node to start of my main flow but its asking for “Question to ask the user”
In my case Im trying to log the text the user types to initiate the bot. Alternatively if the bot was initiated by a Facebook Ad this might be “Get Started”.

Hope this makes sense :upside_down_face:


Hi @MaxBot3000 ,

Got it. I understand now. You can always use “{{event.preview}}” to access the last thing that was sent by the user: