Bing Site Search - Provide URL to the User

Hey there - I implemented the Site Search template. It works great out of the box to answer questions on my site. It would be super helpful to provide a “read more here: {url}” to the user. Has anyone implemented this or can help me do so?

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Hey @jim !

I would suggest adding another variable to the AI task called source_url and that should do the trick. :raised_hands:


I added the variable “theURL” and added this Execute Code:

const firstUrl = (bingResults) => {
    return bingResults.webPages.value[0].url

workflow.theURL = firstUrl(workflow.siteSearch.output)
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Hi @jim ,

I would say wait a week or 2, and the new KB feature will be released. It should cover what you are trying to achieve very easily!

What do you think?