AI based on own knoledge base

Hi everybody, my goals is to have a chatbot that, based on my knowledge base (documents), can answer my customer’s questions arriving trough institutional website.

Is this possible with Botpress?

Thank you for your help

Hey @andrea.miglietta
We’re launching this feature very soon (hopefully in a few weeks). Stay tuned!

Cool @rohankokkula … Would be great if that supported Atlassians Confluence and/or Jira ticketing, any plans for that?

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@johan.nordin what do you have in mind?

@bassam.tantawi our organization use Jira (including JSM) & Confluence and making historic data (documentation, service desk tickets etc) searchable using conversational intelligence rather than traditional search would be very useful. Suspect it’s already possible to do in code but would be great to have easy access using the assistants that seem to be in your roadmap. Great input to train the “IT Assistant” for example

Understood. I will check if we have a feature to access websites behind authentication. If it is not there, I will add it. But that will be in the long term.

How many tickets/items do you have? I am thinking of:
1- You can use GPT-4 to consolidate it and extract facts/main points, troubleshooting steps out of your data
2- Add it in the new KB feature
3- Maybe use the AI Task to leverage the KB - random idea there that needs more research :slight_smile: