About Botpress Go

I am not sure how does the scrawl the Botpress Go, but it does something wrong.

In the end, yesterday I spend the day doing by myself self a scraping bot in Python and the results were clear: the content indeed had what I was asking for the the chatbot but it replied that I did not provide that service, despite my website say yes clearly. I am using other chabot and I am comparing, this error is not repeated in the other.

So, what’s the problem? Language barrier?.

My website is in Spanish and maybe Botpress Go convert it to English and some words can change completely if they are not words, buts sort of brands or specific names?

I need some clarification, it is time consuming I do not see any clear solution by my side.

Hi @Andres ,

I would encourage you to wait couple of weeks (maybe less), we are releasing something that is going to make this much easier.

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As a matter of copy/paste :metal:

Stay tuned!

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